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Learn how to implement the digital interface of the future from top-rated speaker Steven Van Belleghem. Hear industry analysts share their perspectives on insurers’ top 5 imperatives for 2021. Discover how gender diversity can boost the bottom line. Find out about the importance of DEI for insurers.


Watch these essential breakout sessions to discover your path to Guidewire Cloud. Uncover hidden opportunities with Guidewire Analytics. Find out the latest in Guidewire product developments. Get inspired by stories of customer transformation. Plus a whole lot more!


Insurers’ Top 5 Imperatives for 2021

We asked, you answered! At Connections Reimagined in November, we asked you to identify your organization’s top strategic priorities heading into the coming year. In this session, we dive into the survey results, including the obstacles that hold you back. Industry analysts will share their perspectives on these imperatives for 2021 and beyond.


Guidewire Innovation Chronicles

Now in its 14th year, the Innovation Awards aim to recognize customers that are innovating in specific ways to improve efficiency, go-to-market strategy, or customer service and engagement. Join us to celebrate this year’s Innovation Award winners as they share how their innovative projects—leveraging Guidewire products—have led to business and IT benefits.

Aviva Italy’s Journey to Become a Top P&C Player

Vittorio Giusti, Lorenzo Chiofalo, and their colleagues tell Aviva Italy’s holistic story about their journey to become one of the top players in the Italian P&C industry. As one of the top five players in the Italian life insurance industry, the company developed the same ambition for its P&C business, where its market share currently is 1%. Rethinking insurance outside in from the customer’s perspective and applying a greenfield approach, together with Guidewire’s rapid product design methodology and product, Aviva Italy brought to market within four months a new line of business with customer-centric digital capabilities.

Hear from people at Aviva Italy how this initiative is helping them to advance toward their goal, and learn from Vittorio Giusti about the future of P&C insurance in Italy and globally.

Filter Breakouts

How Guidewire Customers Define and Achieve Success

Learn how the Customer Success team deepens Guidewire’s partnerships and helps insurers maximize the value of their Guidewire investments. How do we and our customers define “success”? How do we invest in the success of each of our customers? We look forward to this opportunity to demonstrate how we support your transition to Guidewire Cloud—and beyond.

Building a Streamlined Digital Claims Journey

This session will show you how to make claims processing faster and less costly.

Our discussion topics describe how you can:

•Identify opportunities to improve your digital claims journey and employ strategies to improve the customer experience
•Take actionable steps to streamline your digital claims journey in the medium-to-long term by following the key macro-trends emerging in the industry
•Leverage emerging integrations and add-ons to further streamline interactions across claims, legal, and third parties

The State of Agency-Insurer Connectivity in 2021

Each year, IVANS surveys agencies and insurers across North America to determine the state of connectivity across the distribution channel. Our resulting annual report provides insight into overall digital technology adoption, and reveals how well the business priorities of agencies and insurers are aligned to increase connectivity and collaboration for new and renewal business. Join IVANS and Encova to discuss how connectivity can support your agency distribution goals.

We’ll talk about:

•Key findings from this year’s survey
•Aligning insurer priorities with the digital demands of agencies
•Areas of untapped opportunity for closer collaboration
•Types of connectivity technology that agencies want from insurers, and insurer responses to these requirements
•Actions that insurers can take now to preserve this profitable distribution channel in the future

How P&V Group Became a Modern, Digital Insurer

P&V Group’s comprehensive Guidewire core project resulted in enhanced functional processes and faster, more responsive interactions with agents and brokers—and ultimately with customers. The project received a Guidewire award for business transformation in 2018. It was also one of the first core transformations in Belgium to run InsuranceSuite, Data and Analytics, Guidewire Digital, and eventually Guidewire for Salesforce.

In this session, you’ll learn how Hexaware Technologies—a Guidewire Consulting partner— collaborated with P&V Group on its journey to deploy the Guidewire platform. The speakers will highlight:

• Key considerations for leveraging multiple Guidewire products
• Reduction in technical debt by migrating to a modern platform
• Potential for cloud adoption in the near future
• Transition to “work from home” early in the pandemic
• Working virtually with the Hexaware offshore development team

OnBase & InsuranceSuite: A Customer-First Approach

In this fireside chat, hear how three Guidewire customers are harnessing Hyland OnBase, the only enterprise content services platform in the Guidewire PartnerConnect program. Investing in modern content services and core insurance platforms enables you to decrease your dependency on paper, reduce manual errors, promote secure file sharing, and deliver content in context. With Hyland OnBase, you minimize organizational, technical, and financial risks.

Discover how digital solutions from Guidewire and Hyland increase business agility, improve operational efficiencies, and—most importantly—enhance user experiences during the claims process.

Accelerating Business Transformation

Speed-to-value is a critical component of many insurers’ digital transformation journeys. Gore Mutual Insurance, Canada’s oldest P&C insurer, trusted Guidewire Cloud for its transformation journey. In this session, we discuss the key considerations around Gore Mutual’s decision to select Guidewire Cloud using Deloitte’s InsurCloud as a delivery accelerator.